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Driving Lessons Milton keynes

Driving Lessons Milton keynes



Nick just wanted to say thank you again for your continued support throughout my lessons and test.

You were always so friendly and didn't make me feel silly for asking any questions that I had.

Thank you for believing in me and I honestly couldn't have done it without you.

See you on the roads.



Nick is a great instructor who was always patient with any mistakes I made and continued to encourage me when I needed it.

The lessons were always a laugh and he kept me calm during my flustered moments.

I would highly recommend Nick as an instructor to everyone.

Lily Mae


My lessons with Nick were always pleasant, he made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. He has a very relaxed 'go at your own pace' approach and attitude which helped my nerves hugely.

He is also a good laugh and totally honest with me about my progress.

I am now confident behind the wheel, which I never thought I would happen thanks to him and his patience with me.




I started lessons with Nick after having lessons with another instructor. In the lessons I had with Nick leading up to my test I felt much more confident and safe on the roads.

He is such a lovely guy and really helped me feel more at ease whilst still making the lessons fun. I could not have asked for a better instructor.

Thank you so much Nick. I passed 1st time.



I couldn't have done this without Nick. He made me feel so calm and comfortable behind the wheel and every lesson was a laugh.

He was always happy to take things at my own pace and within no time I felt confident in my own ability.

It was a pleasure to be one of Nick's pupils and I'm going to miss our weekly chats. Passing first time was the icing on the cake.

Thank you again Nick for everything.



I came to Nick a couple of months ago with no experience whatsoever.

It didn't take long before I was driving safe and with confidence.

Brilliant instructor and had a great laugh while I was learning.

Thank you Nick for helping me pass my test.



I am ever so grateful for all your patience, great knowledge and sense of calm that radiated to me.

I can't thank you enough for your help and reassurance.

I highly recommend you and I will be sending my friends to you too.

Thank you Nick.



Thanks for teaching me to drive Nick you've been great.

There was stuff which I got stuck on that you were really patient with and took your time to explain in a manner that helped me understand.

Your instruction was versatile and you were really flexible and accommodating to my time which helped no end.
First time pass.



Thanks Nick for putting up with my blonde moments and helping me pass my test.

It was fun and I'm going to miss the lessons. Genuinely couldn't have done it without you.

Top teacher and great guy.



I would highly recommend Nick as a driving instructor.

He is very professional but still makes the lessons fun. I'm a nervous person but he made me feel calm behind the wheel, unlike my previous instructor.

He makes sure you are comfortable with what you are doing before moving on to something else and is very patient.

Thanks for all your help Nick.



Nick is the best and only instructor I would ever go with.

He is professional yet relaxed and helps you with your weaknesses as well as pointing out your strengths.

I would recommend Nick to anybody who wants brilliant lessons.

Thanks for helping me pass with confidence.



Nick is a great instructor who made me feel very comfortable from the moment I first met him.

His teaching style is very effective and makes the lessons enjoyable as well as informative.

I believe Nick has helped me become a good driver and not just simply allowed me to pass the test.

I passed first time, thanks mate could not have done it without you.



I didn't start learning to drive until I turned 30 as I'd always had a fear of it

I tried a few instructors before but had always been too nervous to continue. 

Nick immediately made me feel comfortable with learning. 

He was happy to go at my pace and as a result I passed first time. 

Thanks Nick.



Calm. Patient. Relaxed and punctual. Great lessons.

Passed first time with 2 minors.

Fantastic. Highly recommended



Nick it was a pleasure doing my driving lessons with you.

You are very professional and patient with your students and I would highly recommend any new driver to take lessons with you.

Thank you so much for your time and expert driving knowledge.



Nick is such a fantastic instructor and I honestly couldn't have asked for anyone better. I looked forward to every lesson I had with Nick.

He is so calm and patient and let me take things at my own pace. He explained any mistakes I made really well and has helped me feel confident when driving.

He made the whole process so enjoyable and was able to fit lessons in regularly too.

I recommend Nick to anybody.

I can't thank you enough Nick.



Thanks for the enjoyable lessons Nick. He is a very relaxed and all round nice guy.

I would recommend Nick as an instructor.



After being with other instructors and no confidence or comfort i found Nick.

Nick is amazing and changed my ability to realise I am capable of driving just like everyone else.

His patience is amazing and he will always continue at your own pace to achieve the best you really can.

I'll forever be grateful for the independence Nick helped me gain.

I highly recommend and I wish all the best for all future students.



I really enjoyed having Nick as my instructor.

He is very friendly and calm during lessons.

I had a great quality experience on the road and would recommend Nick to everyone.

I passed first time thanks to Nick.



I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Nick.

He's a patient and calming teacher who really understands how people learn.

He knows the best way to explain what happened, why and how to do it better next time. I'm definitely a better driver because of him.

Thank you Nick.



I really enjoyed my lessons with Nick.

He is a very calm, helpful and patient driving instructor.
Also his teaching techniques are very effective especially for the manoeuvres.

Thank you Nick.



Nick is an excellent instructor who knows exactly what to say and when to say it -especially during a blonde moment.

He took the time to clearly explain what he wanted me to do and was more than willing to help if things weren't going the way they were meant to.

Would definitely recommend Nick.



Nick is a fantastic instructor and a very nice guy.

He always remained calm and was very good at explaining exactly how to do everything. He is also very patient if you couldn't do something first time too.

I always enjoyed every lesson and wouldn't hesitate in recommending Nick.

Thank you for helping me pass first time.



I would like to thank Nick for being an amazing instructor.

He got me through my test first time. Also for being patient and an all round nice guy

Would definitely recommend Nick to everyone.



Nick is a brilliant instructor.

Always kept me calm and focused on what I needed to do.

All my lessons were fun and enjoyable and I'm very grateful for Nick and his patience.

I passed first time.



Thank you. Thank you so very much Nick.

You have been so helpful teaching me at my own pace. Taking the time to properly explain things and fitting lessons in to fit in with my busy schedule.

I am now a confident independent driver.

So thank you so much



I loved every minute of my lessons because there was always something to joke about.

There was never a dull lesson. Nick would never mind going over things you weren't too sure about.

Very very helpful instructor and I think you may struggle to find another one like Nick.

I passed first time.



Nick is a very calm instructor and always explains things clearly.

It was very useful to have the checklist folder so I could see my progress and what to improve on.

Thanks for all your help Nick.



Nick is a fantastic instructor and having had no previous experience of driving he enabled me to pass first time.

He is professional, punctual and never fails to be relaxed. Nick tailors his lessons to the individual students in a way that large driving schools can't.

I thoroughly recommend Nick as an instructor.



Nick is a brilliant instructor and will make sure you thoroughly understand all aspects of driving.

He will also ensure you feel confident, comfortable and prepared for your test when the day arrives. I passed first time and it's down to Nick.

Many thanks



For me Nick's lessons have been amazing. He is a kind instructor that not only listens to your needs but acts upon them.

Without Nick i wouldn't have passed first time.

You have been brilliant Nick and it was a pleasure to meet and drive with you.



Nick, you have been very helpful in teaching me to drive.You have been calm and talked me through my mistakes when I got frustrated with them.

I really liked the check list in my folder so I knew what to learn with you and what to improve on and in time I did it.
Thanks so much



Thanks so much for everything Nick.

I had so much fun having my lessons with you. You made every lesson enjoyable and were so positive throughout the whole process.

Honestly I couldn't recommend you enough, one of the best driving instructors around.



Thank you so much Nick for everything.

You don't just have a driving instructor you have a friend who takes you on your journey. Love the way everything is simplified for better understanding.

Couldn't promote a better person to teach you how to drive.

No wonder why he's number one.



My lessons with Nick were always really fun and enjoyable and really helped me to build up my confidence.

I now feel safe and comfortable driving.

Thanks so much Nick.


Top driving instructor. Very calm, reliable, patient and brilliant. Nick made me feel relaxed and calm and explained everything very well which made my lessons very simple and enjoyable.

Great instructor. Thank you Nick



I passed my driving test first time with Nick with only 3 minor faults.

He is an extremely thorough teacher and will not stop teaching you until you are happy and content.

Nick is really friendly and easy to get along with. He was very helpful with adjusting to my schedule especially in the weeks leading up to my test to make sure I was ready and confident ahead of it. I highly recommend.



Nick is a brilliant instructor. Patient and friendly which insured the lessons were relaxed for me to be able to focus effectively.

I passed first time which is completely down to his teaching methods and the way in which he tailor's to the individual's needs.

Couldn't have asked for a better instructor.



Nick is a fantastic instructor.

He was always kind and patient to make me feel at ease at the wheel.

I passed first time and it is completely down to his teaching, tailoring each lesson to my individual needs and knowing when to push me.

I could not recommend him enough for all his help.

Sarah B.


Nick is a brilliant instructor, kind patient and friendly. I was an extremely nervous learner and he made me feel very comfortable and confident very quickly.

I passed first time and feel that it was entirely down to Nicks teaching methods.

His ability to tailor the lesson to each individual in my opinion is second to none and I would recommend Nick without hesitation to anyone.



Thanks to Nick, not only did I pass my driving test with confidence but I have also learnt the ways of reading the road.

Nick makes driving easy by explaining things in a way that is both clear and understandable.

I am now able to drive not only accurately but safely also. A life skill well learnt.

All of which wouldn't have been possible without Nicks reassurance that I could do it and do it I did.



Nick is an amazing instructor who taught me all the skills I needed to pass my test first time.

His patience and teaching skills are completely out of this world. I have had three different instructor's before Nick and I have never felt so comfortable with anyone as I did with Nick.

Honestly is very key and he made me aware when I was doing something wrong which in my opinion is great.
If you are looking for a driving instructor who will teach you the very fundamental aspects of outstanding driving and have a great giggle with don't waste your precious time because Nick is all in one.

One of the best decisions I have made and I am extremely proud to call Nick the best instructor in the world.



Nick you were absolutely brilliant and I owe it all to you for a first time pass with you.



Thank you for all your help Nick.

The lessons with you were relaxed and kept me wanting to drive even after numerous mistakes.

I wouldn't have passed first time without your help.



I would strongly recommend Nick. I took my first lesson with him 6 months ago and passed my test first time with one minor fault.

This guy is truly a sound person who will help you through your test quickly.

Enjoyed every lesson spent with him and wish him all the best.



Nick is a brilliant instructor. He is very good at keeping you calm and making sure you are ready for your test. I couldn't have asked for a better instructor.

I'm so very thankful for all your help Nick and couldn't have passed first time without you.



After 3 separate driving instructors and 3 failed tests I started driving with Nick. I passed my test first time with him after 8 lessons.

Fantastic and relaxed teaching methods. Nick is a really nice guy and I am really grateful for all his help.

A* Thank you Nick.




Thanks a lot Nick for your patience and helping me to pass the driving test. I wouldn't have been able to do it without you. I would highly recommend you to all my friends and anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Thanks again Nick.



Nick is a fantastic instructor. He is very calm, makes a lot of sense and shows you how to drive and exactly how to pass your test.

He tailored the lessons to suit me and helped me to focus on the points that needed practice.

With Nick's help I passed first time and I would recommend Nick to anyone.



I am so happy that I had Nick as my driving instructor. I initially went with a large driving school which didn't work out well. I wanted a second opinion and that's when I found Nick.

Nick is great he encourages you when you are down anf a really affordable price too. He always listened to what I wanted to cover during my lessons which I thought was fantastic. He will know and tell you when you are ready for your test. Just be patient.

I passed first time. Thank you so much Nick




Nick is a brilliant instructor. He is always so patient and calm even when I made mistakes which really helped to keep my confidence up.

He encouraged me to push myself even when I was nervous and I could have a laugh with him which put me at ease.

I passed my test first time and this was all down to Nick



As a nervous driver I was always scared about the thought of driving and after a bad experience with another instructor I wasn't confident about getting in the drivers seat. Nick made me feel completely at ease and helped me feel confident about my ability to drive and allowed me to learn at my own pace. ...but! gave me the occasional push when I needed it.

With his help I managed to pass my practical test first time.

If you are a learner looking for lessons I would recommend Nick every time.

Fran Evans


Thank you so much Nick for being the best instructor I could have ever asked for. Cool calm and collected. ..with tissues at the ready just in case.

Words cannot describe how amazing you've been, such a great teacher. I am so very grateful.



Nick is great. He is very calm yet informative and helps you build your skills as a driver.

He also makes you feel safe on the road ans I can't thank him enough for the teaching he has given me.



Thanks Nick for sticking with me for both my tests.

I know I should have passed first time but I've done it now.

Really grateful and see you on the road whether it's two or four wheels.



I could never have asked for a better instructor than Nick.

His calm and straight forward teaching style helped me pass my practical test first time.

Thankyou so much



Thanks for helping me through my test Nick, i could never have done it without you. You are a very patient man. Thanks again


I took three tests with a different driving school and then decided to change my instructor, i found Nick with a simple google search and he not only helped me pass the test but he changed the way i drove, i now understand why i have to drive in a certain fashion. As Nick says, it's not just about passing the test, it's about staying safe afterwards. You're an excellent instructor Nick i will recommend you to all my friends. A million thank you's